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Christmas…What does it really mean?

I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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What does Christmas really mean to you?  Is it all gifts and hype about Santa?  Is it melancholy, sentimental times?  Is it the birth of a baby 2000 years ago?  Each person has as many varied ideas of what it is as they do about any other subject.  It is an individual preference.  However for those of you who have heard the Christmas story here in this country for 100’s of years, let’s recap.  The Bible teaches and scholars who lived back in the day of Jesus will tell you this is what happened.

The world was chaos and the Roman world wanted to be the main source of power.  They came into a small country called Jerusalem.   There lived a people that God called his chosen ones.  Now depending on your belief and the god you believe in will determine how much of this you want to believe.  Man had proven over and over from the beginning of time that he just couldn’t get it right.  So God had a plan a plan that was perfect.  He would make himself into a human being and live here among us for a time, but the whole time the plan was for Him to die for the sins and mistakes of the entire world.  There was one catch to this plan.  Man had to believe He did it.  Did what you say, ” Came and lived here, taught, healed, raised people from the dead, did many miracles; such as; feeding 5,000 men not counting their wives and children with a little boys two fish and five loaves of bread.  He then was crucified, killed buried and rose from the dead and went back to heaven, where he sets on the right hand of the Father (God) ever interceding and pleading our case.

He was the Christ, Son of the living God.  Emmanuel (God with us) He was a tiny babe born of a virgin.  His name is JESUS!

This is what it truly means, but you must be the judge of whether you believe or not!  You are accountable for your own belief.  What a God!  That He would leave the ultimate choice up to us!  He does not dictate nor force us.  Can we say that about our own government or any other person in authority over us?  Scripture says when Jesus was born that the government would be on His shoulders… and it is!

By Terry Board

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