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I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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Here again is another controversial issue, American Renaissance and the NAACP.  In Charlotte, a NC a hotel canceled the group American Renaissance, because of the protection of their customers.  This Supremacy group is screaming that their constitutional rights have been violated.   Mr. Taylor has one statement I will have to agree with “You can imagine the outcry if two white city councilman had attempted to squelch a meeting of the NAACP.”  Oh in my opinion this would have screamed discrimination all the way across the country.  And when the NAACP got wind of the schools taking Martin Luther King Day as a snow day they went bonkers.  Mr. Randolph (President) said we here in Charlotte were “A Racial Bastian”

It seems to me both groups are full of hate!  I will have to say in defense of the white folks and it is not because I am one; You African Americans have a whole month in February devoted to Black History Month.  Have we stopped that?  There is no whole month dedicated to White History Month.  Nor is there one dedicated to the American Indian, who was here before any of you!  I believe the Indians should have more rights than you all!

Again this is a blog and I do have a right to my opinion.  If you do not agree that is your right.  But I do think we all need to step back and take a look at human beings in general.  Don’t we all hold the right to a peaceful society?  Let’s grow up and work on that one!

By Terry Board

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works cited: Charlotte Observer


I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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Today there is a very controversial matter which many job seekers are complaining about.  The right to apply for a job without being asked for a check of their credit in order to get the job they are applying for.  This has become a real catch twenty two.  If you have lost your job and are having trouble for months or years getting one and your credit is getting in the red, how will you ever have an opportunity to pay it back if you do not have a job?  People are being turned down for jobs because of their credit.  This seems to me that this is unconstitutional, because a person should have a right to be able to get a job regardless of their credit history.  Side note you cannot discriminate if you OWN YOUR OWN PROPERTY when wanting to rent to or sell it.  If people had a job they could begin to work towards correcting their credit.  Why can’t they look back at when the person had a job and they had a good credit history?

Next totally unacceptable problem with this is every time you check your credit or someone else checks it your score goes down.  THIS ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT BE!  HELP leaders of our country protect your citizens against such unfair tactics!  You want to write a bill that SHOULD get passed here is one!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing 2011



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