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Monopoly is more than pieces made like cars, shoes, thimbles and moved around on a board by the roll of the dice.  Monopolies can be severely dangerous or done as a free seller among other sellers in a competition basis.  The later is a good thing & done in a competitive manner which is free enterprise.  The first is dangerous and borders on capitalism and maybe even leading downward to communism.

We as citizens of these United States should speak out against such monopolies that would threaten our free choice to shop for items that we prefer to have, and not be forced to purchase a government backed monopoly.

Take a look at this paragraph taken from {The Capitalism Site}.  http://capitalism.org/faq/monopolies.htm.

How does one judge a monopoly, or non-monopoly?  “Observe what is evil here: the act of using the government to outlaw ones competition. It does not matter whether the government uses its power to outlaw competition to “protect” a single business, or to benefit a group of one hundred companies from a single superior competitor. Whenever the government outlaws an individual from entering and competing in any given industry it is evil and wrong. The criterion of judgment is: is competition (the freedom to produce and trade) outlawed in some respect (that is regulated) or not.”

Some believe if we just take a bunch of polls we can tell about a company, person etc.  However, polls are slanted most of the time to fit the person taking the polls perspective.  If a company or the regulators keep competition from taking place in the business world then we are not living in a free enterprise.  Everyone deserves the right to play the selling game and to sell their products and if they fail because they didn’t handle their selling right then so be it.  Each company deserves the right to fail on their own and not be subjected to being ousted because they are beating the competition.

What will you do to see that this doesn’t continue in America?  Will you sit on your laurels and complain or get out there and make some noise so that we can be heard?  Let’s stand together and let the people in Washington know we do not want monopolies that outlaw the competition.  I say we should fight for our free enterprise system.

Works cited: http://capitalism.org/faq/monopolies.htm

{The Capitalism Site} How does one judge a monopoly, or non-monopoly?

By Terry Board

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