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A STORY TO TELLHow can a leader look at the American hard worker, who has been the backbone of how they are getting their money, say let’s take the money from grandma?  Congress takes something that should be simple and makes it into something incredibly difficult, by trying to make sure all the big shots in Washington and the leaders get to keep their large incomes.

You look at the budget and instead of paying for things in the pentagon, take it away and give it back to the front lines soldier!  Stop buying from other countries and start making things here.  Make it easy for inventors to invent here!  Help the farmers grow crops, take the money spent in buying from other countries and give it to the farmer.  It used to work for us.  Teach girls to sew in school again and don’t buy from China where children are working in slave labor.  Let’s make our own clothes here.  Help some small business woman start clothing chains here.  Let’s sell our goods to other countries!

What about the American Philanthropist?  Some of you say you want to help.  Then help us here.  Don’t make it so hard to get help from you.  Put the money back into our country and don’t stash your money in banks in other countries.  You are rich enough to stop the banking industry from being in control.  Take back your power from the banks.

There is spending going on that doesn’t need to be in government.  We need to shrink the government spending.  Why should one group in our nation get the royal treatment?  Why should we pay a leader for the rest of their lives and give them benefits when the little people are still striving to make ends meet so that they can benefit and then turn around and slap the American workers on the hand and take away their social security?

There is according to several leaders 2.6 trillion dollars set aside in a separate fund for social security and for the military.  Stop inviting people from other countries over here to visit the President and spending lots to entertain them.

If the American family has to try to live on a budget, then the government should also.  Maybe we should go back and study the 50’s and what was going right, that we were better off.

We wouldn’t have an America if the senior citizens hadn’t worked all the years they did! Let’s not be ashamed but get back to being proud of our country!

By Terry Board

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