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I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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Mr. President, have you forgotten who it was that flew the planes into the towers?   Yes it was Muslims.  If you’ll take a trip when they are going through their training camps to train young children to hate White Americans and Christians you will see the truth.

You frighten me with the company you keep and the way you walk out of meetings like a child.  Are you truly as blind as you seem or are you siding with the enemy? A President needs to retain his dignity and level headedness.

No, Muslims were not the first to respond.  There were people  of all nationalities that responded immediately to 911!  A white man fought the enemy on the plane that was headed for the White House.  The plane was diverted to a field in Pennsylvania.  White and black firemen headed to the towers immediately.

When you lay down with the dogs you get fleas.  I can tell you about three American women that were married to Muslim men.  They can tell you of the horror they lived in and the horror they saw and heard.  For their safety I cannot divulge their names.

You want to take away the land from Israel, and give it to your buddies; you know the ones you keep inviting to the White House.  I have seen more Muslims in our White House since you’ve been President than any other time.

I agree there are some Muslims that are sane, and that is because they are not full of hate.  They have been here for a while and they see the truth.  They do not see what they were taught back in their homelands.

When will you honor our white American soldiers and our American Indians?  When will you remember who it was that flew all those planes that horrible day of 911?  What about our soldiers over there that are protecting those people.  You see pictures all the time of them loving, playing and holding those little children, but the Muslims didn’t care who they killed in the name of their Allah!

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