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America has it all backwards.  This was never meant to keep church separated from the government.  It was meant to keep the government from telling the church what to do, and becoming a government run church.

To remove in Jesus name from prayer or remove Jesus in any way, would mean to remove, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, etc as well.

Thomas Jefferson had no intention of allowing the government to limit, restrict, regulate, or interfere with public religious practices. He believed, along with the other Founders, that the First Amendment had been enacted only to prevent the federal establishment of a national denomination – a fact he made clear in a letter to fellow-signer of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Rush:

[T]he clause of the Constitution which, while it secured the freedom of the press, covered also the freedom of religion, had given to the clergy a very favorite hope of obtaining an establishment of a particular form of Christianity through the United States; and as every sect believes its own from the true one, every one perhaps hoped for his own, but especially the Episcopalians and Congregationalists. The returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes and they believe that any portion of power confided to me will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly.

Taken from: 1. Letter of October 7, 1801, from Danbury (CT) Baptist Association to Thomas Jefferson, from the Thomas Jefferson Papers Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.

Check it out your selves in the letters from the Danbury Baptist to Thomas Jefferson from (Library of Congress).

Josephus – An Eyewitness to Christianity Josephus was a historian who lived from 37 A.D. to about 100 A.D. He was a member of the priestly aristocracy of the Jews, and was taken hostage by the Roman Empire in the great Jewish revolt of 66-70 A.D. Josephus spent the rest of his life in or around Rome as an adviser and historian to three emperors, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. For centuries, the works of Josephus were more widely read in Europe than any book other than the Bible. They are invaluable sources of eyewitness testimony to the development of Western civilization, including the foundation and growth of Christianity in the 1st Century.

About this time arose Jesus, a wise man, who did good deeds and whose virtues were recognized. And many Jews and people of other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. However, those who became his disciples preached his doctrine. They related that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion and that he was alive. Perhaps he was the Messiah in connection with whom the prophets foretold wonders. [Josephus, Jewish Antiquities, XVIII 3.2]

NIHIL OBSTAT: Reverend M. James Divis, S.T.L. Censor Librorum

IMPRIMATUR: Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, D.D., S.T.D. Bishop of Lincoln July 20, 1993

In 1972, however, Professor Schlomo Pines of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem announced his discovery of a different manuscript tradition of Josephus’s writings in the tenth-century Melkite historian Agapius, which reads as follows at Antiquities 18:63:

At this time there was a wise man called Jesus, and his conduct  was good, and he was known to be virtuous. Many people among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. But those who had become his disciples did not abandon his discipleship. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion and that he was alive. Accordingly, he was perhaps the Messiah, concerning whom the prophets have reported wonders. And the tribe of the Christians, so named after him, has not disappeared to this day.

By Paul L. Maier, The Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University


Rick Perry’s Religious Event Mired in Controversy

“Gov. Perry’s decision to sponsor a ‘Christians-only’ prayer rally is bad enough.  That he turned to an array of intolerant religious extremists to put it on for him is even worse,” Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United, said.  “This event unites us in our conviction that government should have no favorite theology and that it must always strive to ensure that all citizens – Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and others – are full and equal partners in the public square.”

By Eliza   Aug 5, 2011 11:12am

The God of the universe has given you free reign to believe what you choose!!!  This Makes Him Supreme in my book.  All the other so called gods threaten & tell their followers what to believe.  If they don’t they are killed, or ex communicated.

This country was founded on God and His Son Jesus!  There were no other gods here brought over with them.  Indians may have had their many gods, but we founded the country on GOD!

If your state is thinking about removing in Jesus name from prayer, God help us as a nation.  We are treading on dangerous ground deleting the creator of the entire world!   If hell falls on our heads it will be of our own choosing!

God became flesh and came here as Jesus to redeem fallen man!!!  In John 14:6, Jesus said, “No man can come to the Father except through me!”  John 1:14 “God became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His Glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Get your bible out and prove me wrong.

Terry Board

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