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Genetically Modified Organisms

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I am appalled and horrified at what goes on without our knowledge.  If you can grow your own vegetables and herbs you will be much better off.

Maybe even get together in your neighborhoods and start a co-op garden.

We have to start changing the way we do things in this country in order to be safe.  Take some time and listen to the video.

Now I hope everyone understands why I am so for helping our farmers!

We could pay the Farmers as neighborhoods to grow more crops for us.  Kind of like you pay for your Home Owners Associations.   Let’s get busy working together to come up with better solutions.

Monsanto: Dangers of Genetically Modified Corn

by Dark government website:


Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Organisms

Why GM Corn is Dangerous

French Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, molecular endocrinologist at the University of Caen and a member of two French government commissions evaluating GM food, found that MON 810, along with several other varieties of GM crops, showed statistically significant problems in animal studies that regulators have not pursued with follow-up research.

Seralini said the effects of the GM crops were similar to that of pesticides, including inflammation disorders, and problems with livers and kidneys, two major organs involved with detoxification.

Further biology professor Bela Darvas of Hungary‘s Debrecen University discovered that Monsanto’s Mon 810 is lethal to two Hungarian protected species and one insect classified as rare. Now Monsanto refuses to give him any more Mon 810 corn to use in his tests. They also refused his request for Mon 863, another GM variety.

So not only has MON 810 been shown to cause serious damage to animals, but it may also wipe out protected plant and insect species. Of course, adding to the potential devastation is the fact that corn is a wind-pollinated plant, which means it depends on the wind for pollination.

While growers of GM food often say their crops will be contained and unable to contaminate nearby fields, from an environmental perspective contamination between GM and non-GM crops is generally acknowledged to be unavoidable.

Really what can stop wind, tornadoes or other weather from blowing or transporting GM pollen or seeds over onto non-GM crops?

Not a whole lot.

So by planting even a few thousand acres of land with GM crops, there’s a very real possibility that a much greater area could become contaminated with the altered seeds, and subject to the potential health and environmental insults as a result.

Are you ready now to do something?

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