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War, What is it All About

I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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 II Timothy 2:4   “Is not a Soldier bound in matters of the world to please him who has chosen him?”

War is not about killing, but about protecting freedoms, families and nations!

This memorial day I want to thank all the soldiers in every war, that have sacrificed their lives, families, and time for us!  You are very special!  You are never forgotten.  Daily in this country someone is praying for you.  Groups at churches have special meetings just to pray for you.

Those who would undermine war and what it really stands for are pardon me, but ignorant.  Every war was for the sake of freedom and freedom comes with a price.  You can’t have freedom without fighting for it, because somewhere someone wants to take it from you.

Those who demonstrate would not have the freedom to do so had it not been for soldiers fighting to give them that freedom.

Wars are also for our protection.  There are people who would like to kill us and wipe us off the face of the earth.  How many out there screaming have actually served time?  Animal kingdoms protect their domains as well.

Those screaming the loudest against war, lay down then and let whatever happens to you happen.  Let the robber take your purse or wallet.  Let the hater kill your innocent children.  Give up your home and all your possessions to the one that is trying to steal them.  Get out of your gas guzzling car and give it to the one who is fighting you to get it, or SHUT UP!

Now can we get on with living and trying to establish some peace in our Nation?  Now, you know what war is all about.

By Terry Board

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