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A coalition of leaders would like to trade with Russia after decades of not trading.

These leaders want to stop the Human Rights abuses and to hold Russian officials responsible for human rights abuses.  This is a condition for the trading to take effect,

But it appears that our President doesn’t care about the human rights abuses, and he lobbied against it.

This bi-partisan effort would like to see potentially doubling Russian-American trade.

(The Senate Finance Committee will consider the measure on Wednesday, and aides expect a strong bipartisan vote. The issue has taken on urgency because Russia will join the World Trade Organization by the end of summer, and without normal trade status, American firms like Boeing and John Deere will not be able to take advantage of the reduced barriers.

“This isn’t a gift to Russia,” Philip H. Gordon, an assistant secretary of state, said in an interview. “We’re doing this for us and our firms.”

“Our competitors from every other W.T.O. member country will not hesitate to take market share away from American companies, thus jeopardizing American jobs,” said Edward Verona, president of the United States-Russia Business Council.)

taken from:

An article entitled: In Trade Deal with Russia, U.S. Plans Sanctions for Human Rights Abuses


Published: July 17, 2012)

A tariff is a tax placed on imported goods. Each country has separate tariff regulations.  A free trade zone (FTZ) is a geographical location that allows goods to be imported without the need to incur various types of import duties and related taxes. Sometimes this is referred to as a free trade area or a duty-free zone.  There is also in some areas of the world, a free trade zone is also known as an export processing zone. The idea is to make the use of the airport or shipping port attractive to businesses that sell goods on an international scale.

This provides a port that doesn’t require the tendering of tariffs or duties; the hope is that more international corporations will make use of these zones. This is a move that helps to stimulate the local economy in terms of job creation while also increasing the amount of taxes collected from transportation companies that choose to make use of those ports.

We need to be able to trade with other countries, but not at the expense of human rights abuses.  Suppose it was your family that was being abused?  We need to always think of the consequences that come from selfishness.  It is not ALL about the economy stupid!  It is about treating others just as we want to be treated.  So how about it, what is more important to you?

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