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I am appealing to you on the basis of much study.  If you are not afraid to check into this be my guest!  Eloquent speaking will not cut it.  It takes a person with a proven track record to make a difference.  As you take a look at my report here you will find a staggering economic record of a man who has did what he said he’d do.  Not to mention he would never remove God from this country or his platform!  We need more mothers like Ann Lois Romney!  Mother’s who care for their own children and not let someone else teach, nurture and shape their children’s destiny.  Women suffrage was the worst thing that ever happened to America.  If you chose to be a mother you should raise your children yourself!  She could have been anything she set her mind to do with her college background; instead she did the honorable thing!  I applaud her and all mothers who stay home and raise the children!

I want our children to have a peaceful, profitable life.  At the rate things are going now from the results you see below they will not.  WE NEED A CHANGE!  How long has it been since this country has seen a RAINY DAY FUND?

 THE RAINY DAY FUND      Romney stated that Massachusetts finished fiscal 2004 with a $700 million surplus. Official state figures said that fiscal 2005 finished with a $594.4 million surplus. For fiscal 2006, the surplus was $720.9 million according to official figures. The state’s “rainy day fund“, more formally known as the Stabilization Fund, was replenished through government consolidation and reform. At the close of fiscal year 2006, the fund enjoyed a $2.155 billion balance.

Romney would state, “We have successfully closed the largest deficit in our state’s history without raising taxes,” although others disputed the claim on the grounds that usage fees had gone up.

Check it out for yourselves!  Don’t just believe anything you hear!  Many people are so busy with their lives they leave everything they hear up to reporters to feed them.  Get smart and check it out yourselves.  Don’t believe everything you hear.

Bar Graph Below

Yandle-Davies Unemployment chart

These questions were a constant part of the public debate following the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law in 2009. When it was first launched, economists in the Obama administration predicted that the program would generate or avoid the loss of almost 4 million jobs and that the unemployment rate would not go above 8%. However, the rate immediately rose to 8.2% and jumped to over 10% in October 2009.


The Mortgage Companies and the Great Recession

The Banks and the Great Recession

The Rating Companies Role in the Great Recession

But a book by Robert Hetzel, a senior economist at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, says it wasn’t Bushonomics or greedy bankers or broken markets that caused the Great Recession. In The Great Recession: Market Failure or Policy Failure, Hetzel pins the blame squarely on the Federal Reserve and Team Bernanke.

Taken from the link below:

Why then have Austrian economists been the most accurate about our current financial situation? We mainly need to look at the policies of the Federal Reserve. The single greatest contributor to financial crises is the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates in ways that distort the true price of capital.  As Friedrich Hayek, a Nobel-prize winning Austrian economist noted, prices play an important role in the economy, transmitting information that allows market participants to coordinate their plans. The Fed’s distortions create the boom and bust cycle by distorting the information that the price signal conveys to consumers and producers.  It may seem like businesses are over investing but they are simply responding to false economic signals sent by the Federal Reserve. An inevitable bust occurs due to all of the bad investments made.

Year Annual
1948 3.8
1949 5.9
1950 5.3
1951 3.3
1952 3.0
1953 2.9
1954 5.5
1955 4.4
1956 4.1
1957 4.3
1958 6.8
1959 5.5
1960 5.5
1961 6.7
1962 5.5
1963 5.7
1964 5.2
1965 4.5
1966 3.8
1967 3.8
1968 3.6
1969 3.5
1970 4.9
1971 5.9
1972 5.6
1973 4.9
1974 5.6
1975 8.5
1976 7.7
1977 7.1
1978 6.1
1979 5.8
1980 7.1
1981 7.6
1982 9.7
1983 9.6
1984 7.5
1985 7.2
1986 7.0
1987 6.2
1988 5.5
1989 5.3
1990 5.6
1991 6.8
1992 7.5
1993 6.9
1994 6.1
1995 5.6
1996 5.4
1997 4.9
1998 4.5
1999 4.2
2000 4.0
2001 4.7
2002 5.8
2003 6.0
2004 5.5
2005 5.1
2006 4.6
2007 4.6
2008 5.8
2009 9.3
2010 9.6
2011 8.9

Last Modified Date: March 9, 2012


If you will notice in between 2008 when Bush was President until the middle of the graph when Obama took office, a picture is worth a 1,000 eloquent words!  What this country needs is a business man that has been successful in business.

The state of Massachusetts thereby raised $501 million in new income in Romneys’ first year, more than any other state in the nation (New York was second with $367 million). Nine other states raised fees and fines by more than $100 million.

Again I’ll end by saying don’t let Feel good speeches that only move you emotionally dictate your vote, but watch listen and educate yourself!  Let the Record Speak!

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