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Yes, you guessed it.  This past election told all.  The American People are tired of the deception and lies, coming from this present administration.  Now Let us hope that the Republican Party shows us we did the right thing!  It gets so tiresome day after day watching our country being handed over to a Muslim nation.  We are inviting millions of people into our overcrowded country.  Why don’t we teach these people to fish for themselves instead of giving them fish?  Bringing people into our country, who have deadly diseases, hello I think something is majorly wrong with this picture.

We want gas to drive our cars, and continue to give money to Muslims, when we have enough fuel in this country that we can cut them off at the knees and be done with terrorism!  If we cut off their money supply they can’t terrorize us anymore, because they will not have the funds to do it. Hello, Am I the only person who wants to stamp out terror?

Let us stop killing millions of unborn babies, applauding gays and lesbians!  Let us get back to a decent generation of Americans who live rightly and care about our heritage!  Revamp the tax system and give us a break so people can make it.  I’d personally like to see a four day work week for everyone so people can have a life!

Can we put murderers in jail and stop corruption or are we going to continue to shut our eyes to it?  We also need a President in office that LOVES this country!  We are sending our reporters and Ambassadors in harm’s way and then ignoring their cries for help, while our leaders are having fund raising parties and playing golf every waking moment!  God help us!  We are leaving God out of the equation.  This country was founded on men who wanted the freedom to worship God as they wanted to.  The mother nation was telling people who and how to worship.  This is why we left and formed this country. Now it is coming down to us being told how, when and where we can worship by our leaders.  NO NO NO this should not be!

Yes we got tired and it is time we take our country back!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing 2014


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