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Do you remember one of the last scenes in “The Wizard of Oz”?  Dorothy and Toto were being held hostage by the wicked witch, who was demonstrating her powers. Throughout the whole movie she was terrifying Dorothy and her friends.   Dorothy’s friends came to rescue her from the wicked witch.

The wicked witch had these ugly, demon looking creatures and these soldiers that were doing her bidding.  Dorothy and her friends were about to escape when the wicked witch stepped in.  The witch tried to set the scarecrow on fire and Dorothy threw a bucket of water on him.  It also hit the witch and she began to melt.  Dorothy and her friends were not sure what these creature and the soldiers would do to them.  There was a pause and the creatures and soldiers began to clap their hands together rejoiced that the wicked witch was dead.

I believe this is what we Americans, Congress and the military should physically do by  taking this wicked administration out and gave them a dose of their own medicine, (use your imagination on this) No one would be scared of our freedoms, guns, heads or bodies being taken away from us!  We would all be clapping and dancing in the streets.

When I woke up this morning I visualized all of this and because of the speech Rudy Giuliani gave I saw him as being the hero that Dorothy was!  I then thought of little David the Shepherd boy.  All the soldiers were rubbing their hands together wondering what to do and were terrified of this giant Goliath.  David had faith that his God would protect him.  He went right out to meet the giant and the giant was mocking him.  David threw a stone with his slingshot and boom right between the eyes he hit him and down went the huge giant.

This is the way I feel about what is going on in our country today.  Give us a Dorothy and a David.  I am very grateful for all the branches of military service past and present, but give us a brave leader a hero if you will to lead our military to over throw this evil regime!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing 2015





It is really sad that America is no longer America.   Life as we know it is slipping away.  Who ever thought that we would have a President bent on destroying America!   He is slowly and methodically planning on slipping the extremist jihad in on us!  We are too stupid and chicken to do anything about it.  Truth be told no one knows if the elitists now and former leaders will take us out if we come against their platforms.  Hopefully Rudy Giuliani will keep the fires burning and keeping us up on the truth of what is happening in our Nations Capitol.

Mr. Obama is slipping in every vestige of dictatorship he can.  Telling us we should have insurance and penalizing us if we don’t.  I thought this was a free country and we had the freedom of our own choices.  Making his own laws and going against OUR constitution over and over.  Bringing in more and more illegal aliens into a country already bursting at the seams!  Illegal’s now have the right to get income tax refunds, while penalizing honest hard- working Americans.

What happened to freedom, freedom of religion and freedom of the press?  If we do not follow the Muslim beliefs we will have our heads cut off or be burned alive.   No sympathy for any of these atrocities!   Letting our Ambassador and four others be brutally killed.  These barbarians took a pipe and rammed it up the Ambassador’s private part and poured gasoline in it.

What the president could have done, said McInerney, is ordered the launch of F-16s and tankers. “They could have been airborne in two hours.”  Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney.  Kelsey Harkness according to former National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor, Obama was not in the situation room that night, as he was the night Osama bin Laden was captured.  (The Daily Signal)  On Fox news Tommy Vietor stated that the President was not in the Situation Room during the attack.  No one knows his whereabouts to this day.  He is absolutely uncaring of Americans, but sympathetic of the Muslims!

He is allowing our borders to be unprotected and this could form a breech where the extremist can slip through.

Mr. Obama has spent more money than any other President on his play times.  Our debt now is more than all Presidents put together.

Who my fellow Americans is going to STOP him!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing

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