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I tell you and you forget, I teach you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.

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There are so many people in desperate need for acceptance. Some cannot tolerate any form of correction.  That need for acceptance is so deep they react violently.  What I’ve noticed in people like this is that they are totally self absorbed and they are blind to it.  As long as everything is going like they want they are kind of ok. But one observance of something they do wrong causes a severe blow up.

I’ve also noticed some seem so afraid they are going to miss out on things, in particular food. They will even take things off your plate while you are not looking, because they are so afraid you might get more than they do.  They will even hide food.  Also they will demand everything back they ever gave you, or demand more than their fair share. They will lie to get their way; they will cheat, and then make the other person out to be the bad guy.

There are (2) types here; one gorges themselves and the other will fill up their plate full and only eat a tiny portion and throw the rest away. Those that gorge will come home with snacks and food from the store and try to eat it all right then.  I think the reason they gorge themselves is to sooth or hide their deep rooted issues.  They burst out in rage and say they do not care what anyone thinks of them when truly they are dying inside for acceptance.  What these people don’t realize is that the only acceptance they need comes from God and for them to accept God’s Son Jesus.  Jesus is our acceptance!  The only approval from Father God is His Son Jesus and what He did on the cross!  When God looks at us as believers He only sees all the good His Son did and the fact that we accept it is all the approval, acceptance any of us will ever need!

These people spew out abuse on everyone that doesn’t accept them. This person is Not walking in the will of God!  Another thing they do to sooth their conscience is discredit the person who corrected them.  They will harm them any way they can.  They will slander that person, then they feel justified.  The person slandered is devastated and the unaccepted person does not care at all!   The unaccepted one is now done with the person they hurt and more and more roots of bitterness are planted each time they destroy someone with words.  These people usually do not have any close friends.  They are never willing to look within to see what they are doing to hurt people and to get the help they really need.  Somehow they know their wrong but will not try to seek the help they truly need.

Social Media for these people is detrimental, because they believe all these 100’s of people are their true friends, and will lose their families over people that chances are they will never meet. Some have gone to the lows of taking pictures of their victims and put them out for all to see.  So many young girls have been literally destroyed online and many have committed suicide over it.  Not all social media is bad there are many caring people that will pray for you and be there for you. It is all in how the people who feel unaccepted use it to hurt and destroy people that make it dangerous.  It is kind of like taking all guns away so the vulnerable

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are unprotected while shooters go on a rampage and kill.

It’s those few that do evil and mess everything up for the innocent.

If you are one of the people who obsess over acceptance and this has helped you see it. Please for God’s sake and your families seek the help you need.

By Terry Board

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