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A few days ago I opened my blinds and three feet from me was a family of deer. There was the daddy with his antlers, the mama and three little ones.  I stood there stunned and amazed at these beautiful creatures.  It took me a minute to take it in, right here in the city of Charlotte.   I finally gained my composure and ran for my camera, but before I could get back to the window the garbage truck came by and all five ran and gracefully like nothing jumped the fence at my neighbor’s house.  I was so upset that I couldn’t get a picture.

Today as I was having my quiet time I was thinking about the deer. My thought was turned to when danger was upon them there was no time for the Father to stand ground and give instruction what to do.  The mother didn’t grab her babies and say go this way.  They were all so in tuned to each other and obviously had been trained what to do in case of danger that they just sprung into immediate action, turned the same way and preceded to scale the fence with no problems at all.

I pondered on what people do in situations such as this. How many families have a plan of action for eminent danger?  With terrorism on the rise and gunman in public places, does your family know what to do?  How in tuned are families today?  Many parents have children that trust others more than their children trust them.

Also the deer traveled together. They didn’t have their children somewhere else, they were with them.  Life is so hard that both parents usually have to work, leaving their children in the hands of others that may be un-training them from everything they have been taught at home.  Someone who may be putting ideas in their heads that will be harmful for them in life’s already strained circumstances. Then by the time the parent’s have some time together with their kids and they put into action their plans, the child is now ready to rebel against them.  It is sad that life is so hard.  Even Christian families have tough times with their children as well.

Animals have instinct and live in that mode at all times. A dog barks when he senses danger.  Others run and hide.  Some attack back.  They may have some type of venom for protection or sharp prickly things.  They are prepared naturally.  Mankind has become too comfortable in their surroundings.  They are not prepared for eminent danger.  Now we even have our right to protect ourselves possibly to be taken away such as; the right to bear arms, the right to privacy in our public restrooms and much more.

What are we to do about it? We can vote our conscience and pick leaders that will be looking out for our protection, not taking it away.  We can become aware of the things in our local, state and country that may reflect a dangerous situation for us.  Get involved in what you believe in.  There are other groups who get involved and stick together to get their agenda’s slammed down the throats of others.  Where is your comfort zone?  Are you reclining away the hours of your day because you can’t face life? Get out of your recliners and your comfortable zones and fight to get your freedoms back!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing 2016


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