I need to address an issue that I am having with your comments.  Many of you have asked for a number of things, from what web hosting do I use to can you write on my blog.  Some have asked for me to put a donate button up and others have asked to have advertising on my site so you can put your banners up.

I have put advertising page up called:Advertisement, then you can click on add your banner on following pages at this page it has the buy now button.  Each banner has it’s own page to fill out for the particular one you want then go back to buy now button and buy your ad.

I put a donate button on the ABOUT page for those of you who asked for it, so you could donate to keep the site going.

You are sending me  email addresses and they are not legitimate email addresses so I can not answer your questions.  Then you ask for me to click on your links.  A couple of them have had viruses on them, so I will not be able to look at your links.

If you’d like to submit a blog you may send it to  In subject line put blog submission.  I will take a look at them and decide if they are appropriate to put up.

I appreciate all of my 17,000 plus readers!  Thank you so much for reading.  There will be a news letter coming out in May or June.  You will have to opt in to receive it at that time.



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