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A conspiracy does not always lend to the truth. There have been numerous conspiracy theories lately with horrifying things that cannot be totally proven to be fact.  Much evidence on the contrary has seemed to be fact through certain reliable sources.

So let’s move to more substantial findings that have been documented and brought out in a court of law; Such as our x-President and x- Governor of Arkansas, William Jefferson Clinton.

These facts are related back to the Clinton’s and their drug smuggling business.  Eye witnesses that have witnessed the then Governor snorting cocaine and having sex with under aged girls have come forward.  Ex bartender Sharline Wilson is the eye witness. Two young boys that were playing around near a railroad track stumbled onto a field where planes were dropping off drugs from the nose cones of the planes.  Somehow the boys were caught.  Their bodies were found on the tracks and the story was told that they fell asleep on the tracks.  It was later proven that one boy was stabbed in the back and the others head was crushed before they were dragged onto the tracks.

You say, “How does this relate to the Clinton’s?” The Rose Law Firm which was Hilary’s law firm has been dabbling in cover ups for all their illegal activities.  It is frightening to know that the commander and chief could be involved in such horrific crimes. Here is a link to a video that will explain it all.

Civilian National Security Force was mentioned by Obama’s first term. Mr. Obama mentioned martial law even in his first term.  Kind of World Order we would all like to see.


Web Hubbell Sr. partner at Rose law Firm

2.85 million to POM (Park o Meter) Nose cone compartments on planes for the smuggling for illegal drugs.  He took all his cronies with him.

Bill Clinton was hooked on Cocaine while a Governor of Arkansas.

Kevin Ives and Don Henry were killed as a result of finding the airstrip where they were unloading drugs from the planes. Don had been stabbed in the back and Kevin’s skull was crushed before their bodies had been dragged and put on the train tracks to make it look like they had been hit by train.

By Terry Board

(c) Burnett Publishing 2016

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