The media is failing in our country. They are so left winged, I don’t see there being any hope. I feel that our new way of media reporting will be via Social Media. The very wealthy elite are controlling the media and they are in sighting riots. They fear they are losing their control and are pulling out all the stops! We have needed a fresh breath of air in this country for many years, and I believe our new President has that air! We need to stand behind Donald J Trump as our new President and Mike Pence as our new Vice President like never before if our country is going to have a shot at being saved!
I want to turn the attention now to the refugee’s we have so effortlessly allowed into our country. I hope I am right in assuming that people have NOT forgotten 911. This man who ran his car into students at Ohio State University on Monday was one of the many refugees’ in our country. Look what happened!
Then I read this morning the article below:
GOP The Daily Dose
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The Ohio Mosque Just One Mile From Ohio State Was Under Six Terror Related Investigations
Nov 29, 2016 by Harry Hibbs

The website for Masjid Omar Ibn El Khattab, just a mile from the Ohio State University campus, proclaims itself “the Muslim Heart of Columbus.” And yet the mosque, described as one of the most ideologically hardline in the city, has grabbed the media spotlight once again: former attendees were recently reported as having joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.
As mosque officials struggle to distance themselves from yet another resident terror cell, the recent news raises questions about the extensive history of this Ohio mosque as a turnstile for terrorism.
Oh, and did I mention they’ve been under investigation a number of times for links to terrorism?
Not long ago, PJ Media reported that three individuals who lived just yards from Masjid Omar for two years joined ISIS in Syria in July 2014. Rasel Raihan was killed in Syria in a U.S. airstrike. His older sister Zakia Nasrin and her husband Jaffrey Khan are still in Raqqa, according to internal ISIS documents which NBC News obtained from an ISIS defector.


In that NBC News report, the mosque’s president, Basil Gohar, tried to distance the trio from the mosque. He said that Jaffrey, despite living so close to the mosque for two years, had only attended the mosque for a few weeks and had kept to himself.
When a local TV station caught up with him a few days later, Gohar again tried to distance the mosque from the ISIS recruits — as well as from the previous convicted terrorists who had attended the mosque.
Something odd is going on at that mosque. Is it possible that the perpetrator behind yesterday’s attack also attended the mosque? Certainly, and we’ll find out soon if he did as the investigation into him continues.
End of article.
I for one thank God for President elect Donald J Trump and Vice President elect Mike Pence. They want to protect us from harm! They want to do away with the establishment and I say GO FOR IT! I could go on and on about all the good I think they will bring to our country, but for times’ sake, I’ll just say: Go away Media if you can’t report the truth and a positive message!
By Terry Board
© Burnett Publishing Company 2016

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