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I am pleading for Americans to get smart and take their country back.  I have written time and time again about how our Farmers are dying out.  How we send jobs over seas instead of training our own people to do the jobs.  I have talked about how we have monopolies that control our choices.  On and on I could go, but I have to tell you about something not new but that has been around for a long time only we haven’t heard anything about it because bureaucrats have been keeping it from us.   Those that are wealthy know about it and those that have been smart have chosen to get involved with it.

It is called NAEOF  (New American Energy Opportunity Foundation.)  Read about it and get involved.  This is where our country needs to be.  Keeping our jobs here and creating millions of them.  We have ALL the energy resources here!  We do not need middle eastern oil.  We can help our farmers to be able to farm for us right here.  We have many small business minded people that can do research and offer us choices and not have to only be able to choose from certain limited phone companies, internet service providers, television services, natural gas companies, electricity choices and many more.

We do have a candidate that is willing to see that this does happen here in America, and he wants to see middle class Americans being helped.  Not only that but he  is centered on the family and decency.  His concern is for America and not giving away all that we need to other countries.  He has a kind and gentle heart and wants us to help our neighbors as we help ourselves.  He is a man of strong moral character.  His name you ask…is MITT ROMNEY!

I am Terry Board and I approve this message!

written by:  Terry Board

Burnett Publishing (c) 2012


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