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February 29, 2012





Where is everyone’s mind?  Yes on gasoline prices.  I wonder what would happen if many Americans started buying horses and buggies.   Hmmm might not be a bad idea.

Of course then the government would find a way to raise prices on grain to feed the horses.

What if American’s formed co ops?  Like those with many acres of land would help supply the grain & let folks rent their land to let horses feed on their grass.  Oh my wonder what would happen to all the Iranians and their oil?  Gee sorry guys we don’t need you much anymore.

The average price for a gallon of gas nationally was $1.89 a gallon when George W. Bush left office. The average price per gallon is now $3.73.  But in many states, the price for a gallon of gas has smashed through the $4 barrier.

I just paid $4.25 today for gas here in La Grange, Illinois. It’s now $4.57 per gallon in Chicago. In California, the price is approaching $5 a gallon.

Experts believe the average national price for a gallon of gas could hit $5 by Memorial Day.  According to: (EscapeTyranny.com.)

You can say what you will, but this is all a battle between the sons of Abraham in the bible.  Sarah Abraham’s wife could not conceive and she couldn’t wait on the promised child so she sent her handmaid into her husband so she could have a child for her.  Hagar the maid servant did have a son Ishmael….I’ll fast forward.  Then in Sarah’s old age in her late 90’s God did give her finally the promised child Isaac.  Now Ishmael branched off and became the nation of Iran.  Isaac the promised one became Israel.   Hence this battle between the two has been going on for centuries and is still going on today.  You can read about it your selves in Genesis beginning in Chapter 16.

Gasoline prices hit a nationwide average of $3.65 a gallon in the week through Feb. 20, government data show, close to the $4-a-gallon level that is widely considered the point at which oil prices become a political problem. The price is higher in some parts of the country, like California. While U.S. oil production has been rising in recent years, the oil prices are set in a global market, which complicates efforts by U.S. politicians to come up with domestic solutions.

Democrats on Capitol Hill have begun urging Mr. Obama to release oil from the reserves. Republicans have said the problem is the Obama administration’s energy policy, and have highlighted his decision to hold off on approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which would bring oil from the tar sands of Canada to U.S. refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.

Facing high prices “every time you go get your car filled up, it’s going to be because of President Obama’s in action,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, S.C.).

The Wall Street Journal

Political Battle over Oil Prices Heats Up

By Siobhan Hughes

Why don’t more scientists rise up and figure out a way for us to crawl out from under the Iranian control.  Yes, I said control!  That is what they are doing.  They have us by the neck and we just keep letting them tighten.   Anybody with me on this and do you want to make something happen?  Let’s do it!

By Terry Board

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