Our Country is at Stake

I for one am getting sick and tired of the tit for tat that goes on during political campaigns! Donald Trump doesn’t want to spend his time being a baby and fighting like one. He wants to stick to the issues facing our country. He is not a politician and for that I’m profoundly grateful, and to me that is what makes him a great candidate for the Presidency!

You know when all the well doers in the Old Testament brought a woman to Jesus to stone her to death for being an adulterer Jesus wrote on the ground and I believe he was writing some of the prosecutors’ names and their sins. He stood up and said OK if any of you are without sin throw the first stone. They all put down their stones and walked away because each and every one of them had sinned and so have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton! Yes just as Donald said he is not perfect. As Donald has stated let’s stay on the issues that will help fix America and make her great again! Why would you not want to make America Great Again? One more thing how many of you can point a finger at anyone?

If Hillary wants to point out Donald’s sins then she better take a good look at her own, like laughing about that little 12 year old’s rape case. Then later saying anyone who has been raped deserved to be heard. Only in her case it wasn’t done. Cussing and being hateful to the people who were and still are putting their lives in jeopardy to save hers. Hillary Erased 30,000 emails to hide criminal activity. Didn’t help our ambassador in Benghazi, and then insulted the families of the victims. Then to make the comment what difference does it make at this point. Suppose that had been your husband, son, brother? There are one hundred and forty four suicides of people that were on the cusp of reporting her and Bill for many crimes. In some court documents there is evidence of murder. That doesn’t count the hand full lately who also died mysteriously. Come on people these are NOT coincidences!

Think about it…Do you want thousands upon thousands of people coming into our overcrowded land? We can’t even take care of our own now! Go to court houses and pull up records of all the illegal’s that have committed crimes here. If they came here legally and agreed to be an American and learn to speak our language, agree to abide by our constitution, they would be welcomed like all others that came here legally. If they agreed to work and make our country a thriving community that we can be proud of that is one thing, but just sneaking here and being given a hand out is NOT right! Most law abiding citizens want to work and provide for their families. Donald Trump is a very successful business man who knows how to help people get jobs. He wants to make it easy for mother’s to work by providing affordable daycare for their children.

Point is if you comment a crime you need to do the time! Others who committed the same acts that this democratic candidate did were arrested and put in jail. You cannot be above the law! I don’t care who you are!

This is my view and I do have quite a few records to back my case. Please do not respond to this in a negative way. All I ask is that you think about it give a little time to meditate on it.
By Terry Board
©Burnett Publishing Company 2016

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