We are a nation in mourning. What does it take to see what is taking place in our country?  Where are these people living?  What are they learning?

I see an interviewer asking people the most simple of questions about our country that even a third grader should know.  They can’t answer the questions and they don’t even know simple geographical history!  I am appalled!  When the Clinton’s tried to make our nation a village they sure did and they made them dumber!

When a person running for President of the United States can lie her way through an FBI hearing over and over and still run for office, I am dumb founded!  Our constitution says a person even being indicted should NOT be running for office!  When over and over people keep coming up dead that are associated with this person, I find that this cannot be a coincidence!

Say what you will, but I am all for making America Great again!  I look forward to someone who is looking after our best interest, not the government.

Our current President continues to stir up strife with his comments.  ALL lives matter, YES I said ALL lives matter.  Yellow, red, black and white matter!

Back to my question and the title of this blog…What does it take?  It takes a person who knows finance, a person who loves our military, a person who wants all people to feel good about themselves and helps them get jobs, it takes a person who wants to protect our borders, a person who will keep jobs here in America, NOT somewhere else!  It takes a congress that is also as described above.

It doesn’t need a leader who lies, kills, puts our country in danger and wants to keep our country in bondage through more entitlement programs and defames anyone who stands in their way.  Lies and hurts others who have been respected for over 30 years and tries to destroy them to get their own agenda and people in place. Bringing 1,00’s of refugees over here just to get their votes, because deep down they know they can’t enough otherwise.

So many people in our country do not even know history.  They do not even know the Democratic Party started slavery.  The Republican Party was put in place to protect the black race.  Read the history books, if they haven’t taken all truth out of our schools.

Educate yourself please before it is too late to save our country!  This is what it takes!

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing 2016

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