Our young people are being destroyed by an enemy.  They can only hear the enemy’s voice because they have yielded their members over to the enemy.    What are the members you ask?  They are their minds, their wills, and their emotions.  The enemy convinces them that their parents and loved ones just want them to be unhappy.  He lurks around in their thought process all day every day to make sure they can’t think clearly.  That’s the mind.  Then he makes sure they can’t think apart from him, so they give him their very own will to do damage to them.  Their emotions are haywire to the point they do crazy things that harm them and their loved ones in any way they now see fit.

Now they are ripe for the taking.  Drugs of all kinds, now, possess them and they can’t live without them even after being clean for long periods of time.  They cut themselves, eat dangerous things for fun until it kills them.  They even kill their children without even knowing what they are doing.  They kill their parents as well.  Anyone that stands in their way of their so-called fun is in for it.

There is never a way out of this possession.  People that have walked away and think they are free are now dead because in one brief moment they thought they could flirt around with drugs just one more time.  I believe that these drug suppliers know this person has stepped back in for just one more taste and what the young person is getting is laced with poisons of different kinds.  Their lives are then snuffed out from under them.

God forbid that you or your loved ones are in this place.  I pray that the enemy would be stopped from taking anymore loved ones away with drugs!  Pray, pray daily for anyone you love or know that has given over to this enemy.

By Terry Board

© Burnett Publishing Company 2018

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