What Happened to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

Yes, truly what happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave?   The government has been taking away our freedoms for quite some time now, especially this current President.

Taking away our firearms, telling us which health care we can have, listening in to our cell phone conversations  and much more.  I for one am getting sick and tired of it!  How about you?  The President is stripping away our rights to worship as we wish unless it agrees with his choice.  Telling Chaplains how they can minister to the armed forces.

Telling people they can’t say “Have a blessed day.”  We also can’t say, “Merry Christmas” or display crosses or anything that represents Christ.

Outlawing the good and praising the evil.  America is not America anymore!  Telling people they can’t say “Hope you have a blessed day!”  For goodness sake end this debacle of administration!

Adhering to Islamic practices, but the BIBLE is offensive!  It is not just the administration in Washington, but we the people who want to do our own thing and forget GOD!  Thank God for the remnant of people who still pray and honor God it is the only that has kept America from blowing up and washing away!  I am concerned that soon even God will have had enough!

Maybe a good civil war against evil would not be a bad idea.  I’m sure I will get some hate mail from that statement.  I want to see America get back to what it was founded for.  To be allowed to honor God and worship Him whole heartedly!   Some decency in our media, and not promote filth!

I am writing my Senator and Congressmen and women and sending them a copy of this article.  Anyone else have backbone to write theirs?  Let’s take America back!

Here is the way I see it now:  We are The Land of the bound and home of the chickens!

By Terry Board © Burnett Publishing 2014

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